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The Success Matrix.
Winning in Business and in Life

(ISBN 987-1-934889-19-9; Logos Press - 2014; $17.95 US)
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Based on his popular seminar presentation, given to audiences all over the world, Gerry's next book reveals the keys to success in both business and in life.  The Success Matrix simplifies the complexities down to three basic parameters (vision; process; output) and eight "characters" - one of which you might just recognize in the mirror! More at:

 "If you've spent any time at all in the business world, you'll recognize all of the characters Gerry Langeler clearly describes in The Success Matrix. And if you haven't spent any time in the business world, then it's all the more important for you to read this book. It's an effective, insightful portrait of the personalities one encounters on a daily basis, and also a spot-on how-to manual for anyone who endeavors to find success." Bob Lutz, former Vice Chair, General Motors.  Author of Car Guys vs. Bean Counters: The Battle for the Soul of American Business, and Icons and Idiots: Straight Talk on Leadership

I really liked this book. Gerry Langeler understands from his considerable hands-on experience that blending and empowering a diverse assortment of personalities and skills is the key to any successful enterprise. He provides an easy-to-use approach to identifying key types of people and then employing their particular talents to achieve success in any endeavor.” Steve Wynne, former CEO, Adidas America

The Success Matrix is an insightful, practical approach to assessing people and organizations, firmly rooted in the author’s more than thirty years of experience as an entrepreneur, corporate leader and venture capital funds manager.”  Allan Moss, former CEO of Macquarie Group, Australia

Take The Money and Run! 
An Insider's Guide to Venture Capital.

Well-written and humorous. Should be 'required reading' for all entrepreneurs.
-Linda Weston | President & Exec. Director, Oregon Entrepreneurs Network

I wish I had this when I started out. It's an absolute 'must read' for first-time entrepreneurs. Take the Money and Run! puts you on the VC side of the table.  It would have saved me (and a few VC's) from some very unproductive meetings.
-Mike DiFranza | Founder & President, Captivate Network (now a Gannett company)

Pragmatic, forthright and fun - a great mix!
-Rob Wiltbank, PhD | Asso. Prof. of Strategy & Entrepreneurship, Willamette University and author of Effectual Entrepreneurship and The Catalyst

This book is for entrepreneurs who want to realize their vision, want to build a major enterprise, and want to change the world. To do that, you'll need two things: cash and speed. You'll need to get the money, and then run like mad before a competitor catches you. To get the money, you may want to raise capital from venture capital (VC) firms. 

Good news! Venture capital-backed start-ups rank among the most successful ever created. 

Bad news. Far fewer than 1 in 100 companies approaching venture capitalists ever get to "take the money." This book gives you a behind the scenes look at how VC firms work and more importantly how they think.  It will dramatically improve your odds of being one of those 1 in a 100 winners.

The second section of the book will help you "run."  Once you have the cash, how do you make sure your start-up is one of the few that not only survives but thrives?  The answers are right here!

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go to:  For Apple devices, choose the EPUB format and open with iTunes. A chapter sample is available for download.

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The Vision Trap
(Harvard Business Review)

This "first person" series article describes the power of vision to drive a company forward, but also to ruin it if left to run amok. 

Using the real-world example of Mentor Graphics, Gerry outlines how the simple, pragmatic survival-oriented vision for the company helped it become a world leader. 

And then, he painfully recounts how the internal pressure for greater and and more grandiose visions almost killed the enterprise.  This article remains a mainstay in corporate development sessions and leading business school programs.

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